24/7 Security Surveillance for your impartial safety

Security Camera

Security is always a high priority concern. Our high-quality Security Cameras are equipped with clear 360-degree views of the environment around them. Moreover, the 24/7 live video feed is accessible from devices that are given the privilege to do so.

The Need For A Door-Man Will Never Rise Again

Automatic Doors

Relieve yourself from the hurdle of opening and closing doors by getting our Automatic Door Systems installed. With precise proximity-sensing capabilities, these doors will open and close on their own when they sense a person in the vicinity.

Say Goodbye To Unauthorized Security Breaches.

Access control (key card) systems

Our secure Access Control Systems come with Key Card Readers, Key Cards, and Electromagnetic Door locks accessible only through unique electronic signatures present on the cards. The secure locks on the doors will be completely failsafe.

Know Exactly Who Has Rung Your Doorbell

Video Intercoms

Our Video Intercoms provide you with clear live footage and audio of your entrance areas. With a phone receiver in your wall-mounted Intercom platform, you can communicate with visitors and identify them.

Removing Restroom Dependencies For The Handicapped

Barrier free washrooms

Catering to the physically disabled is of paramount importance to us. We will analyze the environment of your washrooms and get them fitted with the necessary equipment for elderly and disabled people.